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Cantina Nervi in Gattinara

Tue, 21 January 2014

Nebbiolo is one of the most famous wine grapes in Italy; it is used for the production of Barolo and Barbaresco, red wines with outstanding ageing potential, which have been internationaly renowned for many years. Nebbiolo is the real autochthonous wine grape, as its cultivation is almost entirely..

What you don't find at La Darbia

Tue, 21 January 2014

This is the first post on La Darbia’s new blog. It would have been easier to start with a nice list of things like: look how good we are, look how beautiful we are, what you will find, what we offer you, etc., but this would have been obvious, perhaps even a little cocky. Therefore we decided t..

Lake Orta, a real Italian way of life

Tue, 21 January 2014

When at long last you have decided to treat yourself to a beautiful and well-deserved holiday, a lot of images immediately flash though your mind: perhaps images of a Latin country, a corner of the Mediterranean sea where you can spend a week far away from mails you'd prefer not to answer and meeti..

Alpe Devero: the mountain just a short distance from Lake Orta

Mon, 20 January 2014

The weather forecast says that tomorrow will be a wonderful day: sun and clear blue skies! “What can we do?”At only an hour’s drive from La Darbia you will discover an entirely different landscape; setting out from the gentle shores of Lake Orta you proceed in one of the most beautiful mountain lan..

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