Restaurants, inns and pizzerias recommended by La Darbia to make your stay more ”stimulating to the appetite”. Furthermore, you will find information in this section on typical local produce and there are also a few recipes for anyone wanting to put their culinary talents to the test.

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Work up an appetite for some good food!

Tue, 25 July 2017

Many of our La Darbia friends refer to us for advice about restaurants and other trendy locales around Lake Orta. There can be no better way to crown an otherwise perfect holiday than by dining overlooking the lake. Naturally, Orta offers a wide choice of exquisite restaurants and many of these f..

Osteria San Martino

Mon, 7 September 2015

Please be patient with me as, before I introduce the restaurant to you, I have to digress and go back in time to tell you the background story... very far back, indeed. Early one morning in the spring of 1951, in a little village in the province of Bergamo a man loaded all his most precious bel..

Mushroom time

Sat, 18 October 2014

A few years ago a friend of mine bought a house on the island of Ibiza and he was so thrilled with his purchase that all he could talk about was the sunshine on Ibiza, the sea in Ibiza, the discotheques in Ibiza, the nightlife in Ibiza... He was so enthusiastic about the way of life that he decided..

Risotto with mushrooms

Sun, 14 September 2014

What a fantastic day! Just back from the woods with a couple of kilos of beautiful porcini! Well, I know, perhaps it didn't go exactly like that and you had to buy the mushrooms or otherwise, if you were lucky enough ,somebody gave them to you as a present. The important thing is that the ..


Fri, 28 March 2014

All Italian villages even the tiniest of hamlets hidden among our valleys have somewhere people can meet. This place is often the village square or the Sports bar, at times the Tobacconist's, the Newsagents or the Barber's.These are places where people go for a particular reason, be it to drink a co..

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