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Wed, 14 March 2018

The Madonna del Sasso sanctuary is just like a huge balcony towering over Lake Orta: formidably striking it dominates the entire area and offers spectacular views. When you admire it at a distance from the garden at La Darbia, the Madonna del Sasso sanctuary on the opposite side of the lake appears..


Fri, 26 January 2018

A day spent at the spa resort Terme di Premia bathing in the salubrious water, pampered by the treatments at the wellness centre, submerged in the quiet of the mountains, is a truly restorative experience. The ancient Romans transmitted the spa culture as a means of caring for body and mind. Nowada..


Sun, 26 November 2017

For those of us who grew up at its foot, Mottarone is a mountain par excellence, with its perpetually fresh air, its green grassy fields and the distinctive rounded summit which stands out in the distance. Previously known as “meut rond” (meaning «mountain of the rounded peak») it became a prestigi..


Sun, 8 October 2017

There are many places where you can purchase glamorous things at reasonable prices by shopping smartly in manufacturers' outlet stores nearby the lake. Leaving La Darbia, early in the morning or perhaps on a day when the weather is bad, it is easy to get to various different store outlets situated..


Sun, 17 September 2017

The magic of autumn is approaching, October awaits us with its delights: enveloping fragrant smells, warm colours and rich flavours enrapture us before the harsh winter sets in. I am going to have another swim… just one, I promise! Then I will lie in the sun gently caressed by its delicate rays. To..

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