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Giant benches for fairytale views

Ven, 21 gennaio 2022
Giant benches for fairytale views
The so-called "big benches" are multiplying everywhere, huge and colourful they seem capable of rekindling our inner "child". They bloom like flowers, cheerful and imposing. They populate the slopes and colonize panoramic points, even around our Lake Orta. They are the so-called "giant benches" and..

The so-called "big benches" are multiplying everywhere, huge and colourful they seem capable of rekindling our inner "child".

They bloom like flowers, cheerful and imposing. They populate the slopes and colonize panoramic points, even around our Lake Orta. They are the so-called "giant benches" and are becoming a feature of great popularity, suitable for social networks but, above all, healthy carriers of a good mood.
I would like to point out some of them, not far from La Darbia, but I challenge you to find others, even more beautiful and new, around Italy.
Those who love to take short walks can easily reach Alpe Mastrolino, climbing from Omegna along the so-called "via degli gnomi", a path dotted with cute little dwarves who emerge from the most unexpected corners and cheer the walk. In this natural paradise, overlooking the northern basin of the Cusio, there is a colourful bench inspired by the works of the writer Gianni Rodari, a famous children's author of Omegnese origin. Sitting on the large rainbow bench, one feels a bit like a Lilliputian in the presence of Gulliver. One seems to be a child again and to live a fairytale experience. But above all you can admire a breathtaking view, remaining (almost) suspended in the void.

For those who appreciate the landscape of the vineyards, the "big bench" of Gattinara is not to be missed, red like the highly prized wine produced in these lands and located in a panoramic position near the Chapel of the Madonna della Neve. To reach it, simply set the Google Map navigator to «Torre delle Castelle» and follow the narrow road that climbs up through the vineyards. The nebbiolo-colored installation blends perfectly with the landscape and gives the unparalleled feeling of belonging to this area rich in colours, flavours and aromas.

More than three metres high and at least four metres wide, the maxi-bench of the Adventure Park Le Pigne is another very successful installation. Built in a month of work, this imposing wooden structure was built with the trunks of some chestnut and oak trees that fell into the woods during last autumn's flood. Therefore, no demolition or waste of materials, only nature that relives in new forms.
And while the gaze is lost along the Agogna valley, towards Lake Orta and the Mottarone, the majestic sculptures of the Buzzard and the Owl, placed on the sides of the large bench, guard our forests.

Even Lake Maggiore, a few months ago, had its own giant installation: yellow and majestic, the bench of Carza, located in the municipality of Cannobio, offers a suggestive view of the Verbano and can be easily reached along a path that can be traveled on foot or by mountain. bike. It is worth remembering that the bench is located near Wonderwood, an adventure park where you can rent mountain bikes, cross Tibetan bridges, live adrenaline-pumping experiences suspended in the void and try daring routes on the zip-line.

I owe you some more information on the "Big Bench" project: the idea of creating majestic benches was born in 2010 by Chris Bangle, an American designer who, after moving to the Langhe, gave life to a revolutionary project , creating in Clavesana the first seat of enormous dimensions, in a natural but easily accessible context. Soon these extravagant installations multiplied, becoming characteristic elements of the landscape. They impress first of all for their extraordinary iconic effect, yet the experience of sitting on one of these maxi-benches should not be underestimated: up there you contemplate the grandiose spectacle of the world, get your fill of energy, and remember that nature is truly our home.

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