La Cucina

A long tradition in fine taste redefined
with a new fresh approach and mindful of detail —
La Cucina at La Darbia is Simple.

Excellent raw materials, carefully chosen, enhanced and elevated by a process that respects their nature and origin. A long history of taste reinterpreted by a fresh, contemporary touch and attention to details.

La Cucina —

La Cucina —

A taste of Italy

La Cucina of La Darbia is simple and refined, just like its surroundings and exists to give its guests an experience of honest and intense flavor, and above all a taste of Italy, in our own particular way.

The typical menus —

The typical menus —

Region by region, a culinary tour of Italy

Can you taste the variety of Italian culinary tradition without leaving our little corner of the world? From north to south, not forgetting Central Italy and Pianura Padana, the new restaurant at La Darbia takes its guests on a journey of quality to discover great classics and lesser-known dishes of our country's regional cuisine. Every day of the week, our chef offers a different menu, which allows you to meet all aspects of the surprising Italian gastronomic culture, the starting point always being our knowledge and experience and our sensitivity.

Fresh pasta —

Fresh pasta —

Feel at home

Perhaps no dish, like fresh homemade pasta, manages to recall familiar, festive and joyful atmospheres. Here in La Darbia we offer our version of this indispensable dish of Italian tradition. To give the maximum quality to our guests, we use premium flours from carefully chosen small producers. The rest is down to precise and wise gestures, handed down from generation to generation, which transform the pasta into tagliatelle, tagliolini, ravioli, cappelletti, to name just a few of the forms it can take. Then you just have to choose the sauce (but we assure you that even 'white' - without sauce - is an experience) and sit back and enjoy your dish.

The staff

The staff


Young chef with determination to sell, knows how to go far, but always starting from her origins, and loves to experiment, without ever forgetting tradition. Originally from Lake Orta, for La Darbia, she offers local dishes and Italian regional specialties, seasoned with a fresh and enthusiastic touch.


La Cucina info

La Cucina is open exclusively for guests of La Darbia and offers a different menu every evening.

  • Children

    Children are welcome in our La Cucina. The quality of the raw materials and the simplicity of the workmanship make our dishes perfect for even the youngest palates. On request, we will be happy to reduce portions and serve simple dishes or seasoned only with oil and tomato.

  • Events

    Theme dinners, aperitifs or wine tasting, cold cuts and cheeses, even participation in the harvest: in La Darbia we continually think about how to make our guests' stay more pleasant and unique. Write to us at for information on scheduled events.


Seasonal, farm to table produce and respect for what nature has to offer us: our kitchen garden reflects the philosophy at La Darbia.

Our garden is the symbol of the philosophy of La Darbia and its cuisine, and this is also the reason for its position: the vegetable garden is indeed right in front of the restaurant entrance, welcoming our guests in a world of simple flavors and nature, almost an anticipation of what they will taste inside. The vegetables and aromatic herbs, carefully selected and cultivated with exclusively organic methods, will in fact be part of the basic ingredients of the kitchen menu every day.

Nature all around, interior joy.
Away from everything, close to you.
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