“Il ristorante del weekend ricalca la tradizione rurale del Lago D'Orta”

“Grüne Ferien - Hideaway über dem Ortasee”

“Ein Stück vom Glück”

”Matteo Monfrinotti, chef at on-site restaurant La Cucina, puts the focus on Piemontese produce, the atmosphere throughout is warm and laid-back, and views from the lavender-scented gardens down to the lake are knockout”

“Eine versteckte Oase mit spektakulärer Aussicht”

”Kaleidoskop des Müßiggangs”

”Weder cool noch posh - der beste Ort am Ortasee”

”La Darbia, gîte-pépite pré-alpine”

”The simple formal language of rural buildings that integrates local materials and unadorned handicrafts”

”Lake Orta: an insider's guide to Italy's most underrated lake”

”I ristoranti all'aperto da provare a settembre per cene pittoresche”

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”La Darbia is a venue that excites”

”La Darbia Holiday Hideaway By Studioprimatesta Offers ”A Truly Empathetic Hospitality” In Piedmont”

”Lac d’Orta : un hôtel très secret”

”Holiday Hideaway Reflecting Quiet Luxury and Dolce Vita at its Finest”

”La Darbia Hotel: A Symphony of Subtlety by Studioprimatesta”