Ca' da Sass

Apartment with Garden Ca' da Sass Lake Orta

2 people Ca' da Sass
A compact block of granitic rock — a heritage handed down by the local building tradition.
Stretching out towards the edge of the lake, the building has the appearance of a compact block of granitic rock, a heritage handed down by the local building tradition based on the use of natural materials.

A pergola carrying vines supported on three granite posts creates a supreme private outdoor space. A little courtyard provides access to it, inside there is one single open space where the bedroom - with a view of the lake – is separated from the living room by a suggestive partition made of wooden staves.
Apartment with Garden <span>Ca' da Sass Lake Orta</span>
The inside walls and furnishings fade from hazelnut tones into softer earthen shades and tints of Autumn.